Tainted with Negative Sentiment over Indonesia’s Trip

After the news about the Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin is paying a visit to Indonesia, the sentiment of the news title regarding him skyrocketed to negative with positive lights came after he announced the purpose of the trip.



On 4th February 2021, the day that Movement Control Order (MCO) was extended, he has gone to Indonesia for Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) which he said is needed.


Like a cycle, news title sentiments about him were mainly negative before his arrival to Indonesia, but soon after he landed, the news title became positive and the negative sentiment declines greatly.


The shift happened is mainly due to the media has been focusing on the reason of the trip, instead of the Opposition’s remarks against the trip, which included Najib Razak as well.


The positive sentiment managed to stay afloat up until the 8th day, where it started to experience a steep decline as compared to the neutral and positive sentiment.



It is only natural for the Opposition to oppose but Najib, on the other hand, has been questioning Muhyiddin’s sense of judgement especially when he addressed one of the purposes of the trip is to seek advices in managing the pandemic.


Aside from Najib, Lim Kit Siang has also questioned the motive behind the move after MCO was delayed twice and why the prime minister’s focus is not controlling the pandemic in Malaysia first.



Despite the criticism, the top issues regarding Muhyiddin Yassin was mainly about the trip itself, instead of the criticism it received.



Due to the trip, the news exposure for Muhyiddin Yassin has also skyrocketed during his visit to Indonesia gaining over 400 news.