#TangkapAzamBaki Lead Twitter Hashtags

The MACC Chief Commissioner, Azam Baki was gaining a lot of exposure after a journalist report that he held stock that above the quota since the middle of December.


When it comes to the twitter hashtag regarding Azam Baki, the word cloud below shows that #TangkapAzamBaki was leading other hashtags.


Azam Baki told media that he will not resigned or took a leave from his position due to the high pressure from the society.



Meanwhile, his exposure was keep increasing along January.


His exposure was getting high currently as many MPs were mentioning him during the special Parliament session this week.


The exposure chart below shows that his exposure was quite high along selected period.


Besides that, the media share chart shows that alternative media were dominating the media share of the issue for the selected period and most of the media were Malay media.



At the same time, the exposure of Azam Baki in Twiter also gained a dramatic increase.



The list below shows that Azam Baki was leading the narration of his own issue during 17-19 January.


This also shows that Azam Baki had made a lot of statements to protect himself.




Last but not least, the former MACC Panel, Edmund Terence Gomez claimed Azam Baki’s explanation had created more problems to himself and the investigation on Azam Baki should be more transparent.