Business Group Scruntinized On Minimum Wage Issue

The netizens for once, in favoured of the government’s decision as they would increase the nation’s minimum wage by the end of this year.


However, based on the social network analysis, many of the accounts were visible to criticise the Malaysian Employer Federation (MEF) that disagree with the government’s move to increase the minimum wage.



The account that is the most connected in the network due to high engagement, @kaerumy has stated that anyone opposed the government’s decision should try living with a minimum wage of RM 1 500.


The account also expressed that business entities that continue to demand ‘slave-like labour’ should not be protected by the law.


While the cluster leaders have collectively directed their criticism towards MEF’s response which requested to halt the increase in minimum wage, the criticism is also being held on the trade unions.


The narration is being used by another cluster leader, @kalossharon has asked the wherebeing of any trade unions to counter MEF’s statement.



Nonetheless, an Opposition account, @n_izzah has also appeared within the analysis and suggested the government to implement the new minimum wage quickly.


Besides that, while several accounts criticised the business group, one account, @khalidkarim questioned the Prime Minister, Ismail Sabri’s credibility on the minimum wage issue.