The government is seeking additional RM4.1 billion budget

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng has tabled a Supplementary Supply (2018) Bill 2019 in Dewan Rakyat requesting a total of RM4,133,360,760 from the Consolidated Fund for additional expenditure on services and expenses.


This is to cover the expenses requested from various ministries, such as RM705.6 million for the Health Ministry, RM513.9 million for the Home Ministry, RM300 million for the Education Ministry, and RM215 million for the Prime Minister’s Department.


The RM4.1 billion is an addition to RM15.49 billion requested previously, totalling the supplementary budget to RM1,922,069,620.


This is the largest sum ever sought, since the previous government had a supplementary budget of RM25.97 billion in 2012.