Uncertain of SOPs Led to Less confidence on the Effectiveness

The uncertainty of the implementation of the Standard Operating Procedure in every iteration of the Movement Control Order led Malaysians to be less confident in the effectiveness of the SOP in combating the surge of Covid-19 cases.


The data collected from a survey confirms shows only 25% of the respondents agree with the effectiveness of SOPs tackling the pandemic.


Most of the respondents that are optimistic about the effectiveness of SOPs are mainly the Malay  with the other races doubt it.



Rural states such as Kelantan and Kedah are very optimistic about the SOPs as the majority of effective votes are from those states.


Besides that, the respondents that work for the government or housewives are supportive on the implementation of SOPs compared to private sectors. On the other hand, respondents that work independently are neutral in about the topic.



Meanwhile from the media perspective most of the news titles about the topic are mainly neutral sentiments.


This is mainly because the media is using neutral words in the news titles to describe the situation.