In Line with the Public

With the Covid-19 cases continue to surge, especially in Selangor, the public has pleaded the government to implement a stricter Movement Control Order, which led to total lockdown which includes the economic sector.


However, prior to the final announcement of the total lockdown, the state and federal government contradicting statements are widely covered by the media.


This is highly visible during the week before the total lockdown was implemented by the government, with the strong contradicting statement from Selangor Covid-19 Task Force Chairman, Dr Zulkefly Ahmad.



In contrast, looking at the news exposure of MCO, the top two spikes are on the 11th when it was first announced right before Eid Celebration and 31st, a day before MCO started nationwide.



By looking at the public’s sentiment, it is also clear that over 50% of the public agreed with the government to bring back the MCO 3.0.



Not only mostly agreed to it a further breakdown of the statistics also indicates that Selangor, ranked in second for the state with highest strongly agree votes, especially when the public is concern about their safety.


Having said that, despite having the highest number of strongly agree, the private sector is slightly on the dividing line especially when the neutral vote is highly prominent.