Uncertain Policies in Education

At least over 50% of the respondents are affected by the school opening policies during the pandemic.


It is also worth noting that the age group of 30-49 years old are the one that mostly affected by the changes in school policies as they are mostly a parent.



As we dissect the statistic further, it is also visible that Johor has become the biggest contributor for the portion of affected and Selangor tops the chart for the strongly affected portion.


The situation probably occurred as Selangor and Johor are known for being the top five in gross domestic product (GDP) contribution towards the nation’s economy.



Further validating the remarks, it is also reflecting in the sectors as the private sector and self-employed tops the list for the strongly affected and affected portion.


During April, as the number of Covid-19 cases which involves the education cluster continues to increase, the government has been formulating policies to try and curb the matter.



However, the public as well as the media has voiced out concerns that definitive measures need to be addressed to the public and the school while the Opposition has been lashing at the government over the ‘flip-flop’ in SOPs.


Despite of the criticism, in terms of the news sentiment for the Covid-19 and School was highly dominated by neutral sentiment.