Challenge in handling Economy

As the nation is currently under the implementation of the third Movement Control Order, dubbed as total lockdown, the government need a strong narration on the economy side of story.


Based on a survey conducted in line with the implementation of MCO 3.0, despite it was deemed as highly needed by the public, many are giving cautious support towards the government in terms of handling the economy.



The statistics also indicate that despite the portion of no confidence in government is high, it is seemingly balance with the reflecting portion of having neutral to high confidence.


Further breakdown of the statistics also indicates that the states that contributes the most for the no confidence portion is coming from Selangor reaching almost 8%.


It is also visible that the private sector has also voicing out their concerns in terms of the way the government tackled the economic issues.


For the record, Selangor has always been in the top 2 in terms of the shares of GDP by states, behind Kuala Lumpur, which also portrays the same sentiment.



In terms of media portrayal, the negative sentiment of the MCO only managed to receive significant attention on the 12th of May, which is the day after the announcement, with a few low dominations afterwards.



As MCO is always associated with stimulus package, during the MCO 3.0, Pemerkasa+ was announced to the public.


However, despite the government’s awaited assistance was highly anticipated, it does not manifest in the news exposure of the topic, especially when it has become diminishingly low.