Vaccination Rate Overlooked by the Media

Political issues and the high new infection rate dominated the headlines, caused the media to overlook the increase in the daily vaccination rate the country is currently achieving.


Malaysia’s vaccination rate has been steadily increasing since early July due to people receiving their second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine and the ongoing Phase 3 of the vaccination program.


However, looking at the news exposure, the media has not been paying attention towards the vaccination rate as much as the number of rising Covid-19 cases.



Looking at the News Dependency of Vaccine Malaysia in June and July, each of the vaccine in Malaysia have also received less media exposure.


The vaccine talks have been active within the media in June especially on the 30th day, but the trend did not continue as the number of news exposure have been declining in July.



Despite the lack of media attention, the media has been highlighting about the vaccination rate as seen within the Covid Vaccine topic issues.


This came after Health Minister, Dr. Adham Baba stating that more than 7.8 million people have received their first dose of a vaccine, and 3,526,676 people have received their second dose.



The news title sentiment for the topic is also mainly positive despite the drop in media exposure, showing that positive words have been used to describe the vaccination rate.