All eyes on Top Glove

The high demand for glove amid the pandemic and labour rights for foreign workers have put Top Glove at the height of their fame, albeit they are not part of their own narration.



Looking at the influencers list of Top Glove for the past three days, their CEO or any of their top officials are not present in the list, showing they lack influence when it comes to issues regarding their company.


In contrast, Defence Minister Ismail Sabri, Health director-general Noor Hisham and Selangor MB Amirudin Shari are more prominent in the list since they are the key people in handling Covid-19 issues in Selangor.


On top of that, Labour Department director-general Asri Rahman was also one of the top influencers after the department opened 19 investigation papers against Top Glove for their cramped accommodation facilities.



As Top Glove faces probes on labour rights and the shutdown of their factories after the Teratai Cluster became the biggest cluster, their investors and shareholders are now trading lower.


As shown at the top issues cluster, concern around Teratai cluster and their share performance is the biggest issues around the company.


Besides, the investigation paper over the labour right of Top Glove worker was also under the limelight.


Nonetheless, the allegations might not give a huge impact on Top Glove, given they are the world’s largest glove maker and since the rubber industry is booming due to the pandemic.



In addition, Top Glove’s involvement in the mainstream news media has also declined in November when more crisis emerged as compared to July, where their news exposure reached almost 100 news that month.