Political Squabble over Penang LRT

DAP politicians aggressively question the Finance Minister, Zafrul Aziz, about the rejection of the loan guarantee of Penang LRT project which made them control the narration of the topic.



Penang LRT has sparked a political argument between DAP and the government and DAP politicians have been fiercely controlling the narration of Penang LRT.


Zafrul Aziz is the most influential person on the list with 151 statements, that sees media most quoted him for Penang LRT issues.


DAP politician, however, have taken over the list with both former and current Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng and Chow Kon Yeow, and two DAP prominent politicians, Steven Sim and Sim Tze Tzin.



In comparison, amongst all the mega projects government involved in, MRT is the one discussed the most in the media.


From the exposure share, we see Penang LRT only grow prominent after 28th of December, passing MRT.


On the 28th day the dependency has change to Penang LRT as DAP ministers kept questioning the decision made by the Finance Minister.



It is until the last 7 days that the voice changes significantly towards Penang LRT, taking over the share on MRT.


The DAP politicians have stated that the rejection is most probably because of a political vendetta they have towards the previous government, Pakatan Harapan, in which DAP was among the coalition.