Deviating Relations between Car Price and Locations

Kelantan rank first in terms of average price of used cars sold by state, as depicted in analytics.



However, further analysis has found that Selangor is still winning in terms of the number of used cars offering by state.



Adding further, the data has also shown that the listing trends by state has highlighted a new revelation whereby Perlis has the highest median price among others.


The data also shown that Selangor has the most outliers, driven by the existence of niche market that are comparatively higher compared to other states.



On a side note, in terms of the relations between car types, price and condition, it is visible that 4×4 and Sedan is the most prominent types listed in the platform.


Interestingly, for convertible, coupe, MPV, SUV and wagon, all of the cars listed are only used car with average price lower than RM100,000 except for coupe.