English Media Domination Over the Nation’s GDP Coverage

English news remained the main media that talks about economy issues in the country.


Looking at the media share of the Malaysia GDP topic, it is visible that the English media has dominated the list especially when The Edge’s position remain consistent throughout the time.



Apart from that, it is also visible that there is no representative from the Malay mainstream media during the said timelines.



It is also visible that the topic has been receiving quite a spotlight from the media as it is shown in the news exposure.


As seen in July, the highest peak for the news exposure is on the 2nd of July which is a day before Enhanced Movement Control Order was implemented in Selangor.


Aside from the EMCO implementation, the news about the Fourth Industrial Policy framework has also dominated the coverage on the day as it was the launching day of the initiative.



Nonetheless, with the ongoing MCO in Selangor, the major economic hub of the nation, economists have started to have pessimistic view towards the nation’s GDP