The Split Ends of Live and Livelihood

As the government continues to prolong the implementation of the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO), people have been living by choosing to live over livelihood.


However, as the public could no longer sustain the shocks, the talk about balancing live and livelihood reappeared especially when the people have started to voice out their concerns.



As such, it is visible in the top issues that the media has started to incorporate the public’s worsening condition when reporting about the EMCO and the household spending issues.



Looking at the news excerpts of the topic, it is visible that the same angle been used by the media when it comes to the public’s voice about the household spending, which is related to the EMCO.


Apart from the people, the media has also highlighted the business leader’s opinion for the topic such as the president of the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM), Soh Thian Lai.



Due to the media portrayal regarding the public’s voice, it is also reflected in the news sentiment for the household topic, whereby a surge in negative sentiment is recorded on the 6th of July.



Nonetheless, with the public is in dire condition, especially when many are facing financial constraints, more pressure will be placed upon the government, especially in terms of aid.