i-Sinar: UMNO’s main narration

The i-Sinar narration has become UMNO’s biggest agenda as Najib Razak and Zahid Hamidi have been profoundly criticizing EPF since i-Sinar was first announced until now.



As seen in the weekly influencers list of i-Sinar, UMNO leaders are controlling the narration, as a result of their frequent attacks on EPF and i-Sinar.


This puts the Finance Minister, Zafrul Aziz and EPF CEO, Alizakri Alias at a bad light since they are less influential in the past week during the latest uproar.


Although Zafrul lead the monthly influencers list, Najib, Zahid and UMNO Youth Chief, Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki are still present in the list.


Najib has been under the limelight for voicing out issues related to EPF withdrawals, way before the i-Sinar initiative was tabled in Parliament for next year’s budget.



Recently, EPF has been thrown under the bus for the lack of clarification on the eligibility criteria for i-Sinar application, as many felt that it was not inclusive enough.


Najib condemned EPF on the two categories for the i-Sinar eligibility, where only contributors who suffered an income or salary reduction by 30% with supporting documents are eligible for the withdrawal.


The former prime minister emphasized that the criteria should be abolished as it was not inclusive enough especially towards those who are self-employed since they might not have supporting documents to prove their income reduction.



On top of that, Mykmu, a portal closely associated with UMNO is also the top media in reporting issues regarding i-Sinar.


Thus, it is clear that UMNO is using the i-Sinar notion to pressure the Muhyiddin Yassin-led government.



If we look at our analytics on the topic EPF people, Najib is at the centre of the ontology figure, proving that he is the most vocal politician linked to EPF.