Perak Chief Minister Fiasco

The narration for the Perak Chief Minister situation was taken over by Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Nga Kor Ming from Ahmad Faizal Azumu soon after he gave his position away.



Two days after the ousting of Ahmad Faizal Azumu on 4th December 2020, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has taken the top spot of the 6th-8th December influencers with 584 statements.


Nga Kor Ming has also taken the 2nd spot of the list with 340 statements with him mainly willing to work together with their nemesis, UMNO.


Both influencers are not even on the 3rd-5th December list and appeared on the 6th-8th December list as the top influencers.


Ahmad Faizal Azumu is on the 4th spot with 211 statements, a huge difference from the 3rd-5th December list where he has 1,109 statements.



Mykmu also have risen in the 6th-8th December media list with 69 news when in the 3rd-5th December list Mykmu is at the bottom 5 of the list.


Malaysia Gazette has also risen with 50 news being the at the 4th spot with it being slightly below Mykmu on the 3rd-5th December list.



Nga Kor Ming was an aggressive criticizer of UMNO’s action but during the Perak Chief Minister crisis he suddenly change his mind and wants to join with UMNO to create the new state government.



Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was at an impasse where there was a possibility to work with their rival Pakatan Harapan but he chose Perikatan Nasional as he wants to defend the coalition even though they are the ones that ousted the Chief Minister.