Overshadowing Anwar Ibrahim

Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhammad and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Ku Li, has took control of Budget 2021 narration by making it the focus of their sudden press conference.



While Mahathir has been active in opposing the budget, Ku Li who has been silent suddenly made the announcement to join his political nemesis in rooting out Muhyiddin’s government by opposing the budget.


Mahathir and Ku Li did not even appear on the 10th to 12th December list, a few days before the third reading of the budget.


But both suddenly appeared in the 13th to 15th December list with both being at the top 5, Mahathir being the top influencer with 334 statements and Ku Li with 102 statements.


Beating their political rivals, Anwar Ibrahim who is now behind Ku Li with 97 statements, Najib Razak with 86 statements and Muhyiddin Yassin sunk at bottom of the list with 55 statements.



This has led to Mahathir’s news exposure to increase significantly on the day of the press conference reaching over 200 news.


The same with Ku Li where his news exposure has a sudden rise on the 14th day almost reaching 150 news after being silent in early December.



Mahathir has made statements predicting the budget outcomes as well as the possibility of the government will lose. On the other hand, if the budget is passed the government will be weak.

He also urged the lawmakers to prevent the budget from passing to make way for a new government.



Ku Li, who in the past have abstained the vote, has voted the same for the third reading of the budget as well.