Local Beauty Industry’s Revenue Catapulted by e-Commerce

Despite most industries are affected by Covid-19, for the Beauty and Wellness industry, it has thrived during the pandemic due to the prior shift in e-commerce.


With the booming of e-commerce in 2020, it has thrusted the local beauty and wellness industry with revenues projected to reach $2.5 billion in 2021.


In the local scene, it is visible that Selangor has generated the highest revenue among others with RM31 million recorded, which is possibly driven by the ease of courier services across states.



Similarly, Selangor has once again become the giant for the industry in the prominent e-commerce platform as it appeared as the state with the most sold items.



Further analysis has also shown that among all of the products, the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medicine has the highest average sales for the local products almost double in figure.



In comparison, the data has shown that in terms of product listings, the haircare products have the most listings for local sellers whereby pedicure and manicure category ranks the highest for overseas sellers.



As e-commerce allows sellers across nations to penetrate any market, the analysis has shown that sellers from China has dominated the e-commerce platform for the industry.


The analytics has also shown that a tremendous gap is visible between the product distributions by countries, leading by China.