Pandemic-driven Consumer Behaviour

With obvious changes for lifestyles occurred due to the Covid-19 pandemic, similar lifestyles transformation also take place in the beauty and wellness industry.


As presented in the analytics, the medical supplies have become the most sold item for the local sellers from the prominent e-commerce platform.



Further emphasizing the changes in the consumer behaviour, Supplements has become the second category with the most sold items with a median of 400 products sold.


Similar outlook is also visible for the overseas sellers as Supplements once again appeared as the second category with most sold items.



In terms of products with the highest ratings, the analytics has also shown that the top 2 categories are highly related with the pandemic as hand care products has the most ratings.



Comparable to the overseas sellers, medical supplies have become the top category with products that has the highest ratings as products like face mask and face shield filled the category.



As clear domination of local sellers appeared in the analytics, it is also worth mentioning that local pharmacies have penetrated the list, appearing as sellers with most ratings.