Najib Razak and Mustapa Mohamed Dominates HSR Narrative

Transport Minister Wee Ka Siong is overshadowed by Minister in Prime Minister’s Department for economic affairs, Mustapa Mohamed and ex-PM Najib Razak when it comes to the cancellation of the High-Speed Rail project.



Despite being a transportation projects, Tok Pa and Najib Razak consistently controls the narrative on issues linked to the multi-billion HSR project for the past month and week.


On another hand, Wee Ka Siong who was one of the yearly influencers for the HSR topic was not listed in the monthly and weekly influencers list.


Apart from that, the Muhyiddin Yassin who was the top influencer for the past year was surpassed by Tok Pa and Najib, putting him at the bottom of the monthly list.


Furthermore, former Transport Minister, Anthony Loke is also present in the monthly and weekly influencers list, although not as prevalent as Tok Pa and Najib.



Recently, Najib Razak has criticized the government’s decision on terminating the HSR project that he mooted a decade ago, which would be a game-changer to the Malaysian economy.


The former PM facing corruption charges stated that the PN-led government has already selected a “crony” company to manage the domestic KL-Johor Baru HSR.



Nonetheless, Tok Pa has become the spokesperson for the HSR issue as he often gave statements related to the derail of the grand project, such as the government’s plan to compensate Singapore and on the domestic high-speed rail.