Najib Razak stepping up to the spotlight with EPF

Najib Razak’s influence in UMNO has not been dented by the guilty verdict and the other ongoing 1MDB trials, as his voice within UMNO still holds value and he is still popular leader among the people.



Despite not holding any official post in UMNO, UMNO politics still revolves around him especially when the said letter of support for Anwar Ibrahim revealed his signature together with Zahid Hamidi.


With the 2021 Budget tabled, Najib Razak is now back in the spotlight as a leader that puts forward people’s needs after proposing EPF withdrawals and the extension of loan moratorium.


Najib Razak expressed that the Budget 2021 will only gain BN’s support if amendments are made on the EPF withdrawal of RM10,000 from Account 1 and the automatic six-month loan moratorium extension, dismissing his president’s support for the budget.


The former prime minister is now getting more news exposures other than his ongoing corruption cases after he demanded for the Budget 2021 to be revised.



Even with all the court cases that he is currently facing, it can clearly be seen that he is an influential figure within UMNO, since his statements have made an impact on next year’s budget.


This year, he has been going in and out of court due to the 1MDB-linked trial revolving the SRC International funds that was wired to his personal bank accounts.


Najib Razak has been sentenced to 12 years of jail and fined RM210 million after being found guilty of all the seven charges linked to the misappropriation of the RM42 millions of SRC International funds.