The New “Staycation” Trend

A new staycation trend has appeared as travelling and vacation has become the most sought-after activities after the movement restrictions have lifted.


The emerging trend is said due to the sentiment on needing a short getaway from work according to studies conducted by Traveloka.



Hence, the analytics from prominent travel booking platform has shown that private accommodation listings have dominated the platform.


Looking further, it is also visible while hotels listing has dominated majority of the listings under the category, the private accommodation category has offered variety of property available tailored to preferences.




In terms of listings in the Peninsular Malaysia, both categories have shown that it is heavily concentrated in Pahang with over 1000 listings appeared possibly due to Pahang being one of the centre of tourist attraction for the nation.


Moving to the facility demands in hotels, it can be seen that the customers are more attentive with smoking areas, elevators, allowing pets, and Wi-Fi availability.


While the private accommodations customers are more concerned about air conditioning, prepared toiletries, and free parking.