Divisive perception over MCO communications

Despite the backlash of the implementation of MCO 3.0 in social media, Malaysians have a divisive perception towards the third iteration of the Movement Control Order.


Based on the data collected from a survey, the public’s perception towards the government’s communication during the movement control order are equally divide.


The divisive perception towards the government’s communication on MCO 3.0 is also seen in the geographic segmentation.


Even within well-known urban states like Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Johor, the perception is still divisive with many Malaysians are satisfied with the communication on MCO 3.0.



Even within the demographic, it can be clearly seen that the respondents are divisive about the government communication on the recent MCO.


The age demographic is also divisive although it can be seen that age range of 30 to 49 are slightly inclined to not satisfied.



The news title sentiment on the MCO topic are also neutral with the exception on the 19th day.


This shows that the media is using neutral words to describe any situation relating to the topic even after the implementation of MCO 3.0.