Finding for Alternatives during MCO

Almost half of Malaysian felt that they will have to find alternative source of income as the after-effect of the MCO, although most of them feel secure for their current employment.


Malaysia has implemented the third Movement Control Order that started on 11th May with a total lockdown that includes the economic sector happened on 1st June.


However, it is also worth noting that the other half of the portion are confident in the current employment without needing the extra income.



Looking at the data, it is also visible that the age group of 30-49 years old is the one that has dominated the list of having to find the alternatives source of income, as they are usually have a lot of commitments.


Apart from that, respondents from government and private sectors are considering alternative source of income while those working independently shows otherwise.


Further breakdown of the statistics also indicate that Selangor ranked the top for both scales of yes and no, with dominance leaning towards the yes.



From the media perspective of employment and moratorium during Covid-19 topics, the media report on these topics has surged after another MCO is announced.