Finance minister was leading the narration of DNB issue, analysis shows

The news exposure of DNB rose sharply on Dec 11 as Annuar Musa explained that KKMM and MOF will cooperate in implementation of 5G.


The chart illustrates that the news exposure of DNB was very high on Dec 11.


This shows that media gave a lot of attention towards Annuar Musa statement.



The pie chart below illustrates that the implementation of 5G network had become the dominant issue when media reported about DNB.


Meanwhile, the finance minister Tengku Zafrul claimed that the concept of Single Wholesale Network (SWN) concept has failed due to the difference interests among the telcos.



The analysis also shows that finance minister was leading the narration of DNB currently.


The influencer lists below show that Tengku Zafrul who ranked at the sixth place during Dec 7 – 9 had ranked at the first place during Dec 10 – 12.



Last but not least, the implementation of 5G network need to be planned carefully as it will affect the development of the country in the near future.