PAC’s claims caused the news exposure of 1MDB to rise, analysis shows.

Public Accounts Committee (PAC) claimed that BNM “overpaid” for government land, proceeds went to settling 1MDB debt.


Media gave a lot of exposure towards the issue.


The chart below shows that the exposure of 1MDB rebounded currently due to PAC’s statement.


The exposure of 1MDB was higher during the date that Najib failed his appeal on Dec 8.



The issue was surrounded with many negative phrases like corruption and abuse of authority.


This made the news titles regarding the issue was dominated by negative sentiments.


The charts below illustrate that the news titles of the news related to 1MDB in December was dominated by negative sentiments.



The examples below were the news that related to 1MDB on Dec 13.


Looking into the examples, it shows that media were focusing on PAC’s claims and they also gave quite high exposure to it.