The delay of school opening gained media attention

The Ministry of Education announced that the school opening will be postponed by a week due to the flood that happened in Malaysia.


The school opening will divide to two group, as one group will begin on Jan 9 and another group will begin on Jan 10.


The chart below shows that the news exposure of KPM was remained high for few days currently.



The line chart indicates that the news title regarding the KPM issue were mostly dominated by negative sentiments currently.


This means that the media were describing the action of KPM to postpone the school opening more negatively.



Meanwhile, the examples of the news below show that media were quite focusing on the decision of KPM to located the essential spaces to the higher level in school buildings.


This decision was aimed to reduce the lost if the flood hit any school in the future.



Last but not least, KPM’s decision should be implemented immediately as the rain season has not end yet.