Increasing Price Votality, Alarming Public

The recent food price hike has concerned many as pressing living conditions has heightened, resulting in heavy criticisms for the government.


A study on a prominent e-commerce platform shown that despite discounts have been provided for the fresh food category, the discounted price was relatively lower compared to other categories.



However, even with discounts, the products for vegetable as well as meat and poultry category did not have any significant changes as the price after discount followed similar trends with before discount.


Strikingly, the products under both categories have undergo significant price increase after July 2021.



Further analytics have found the average price for meat and poultry experienced a surge in price that begun from October 2021 and remain until the following month.


Among the products listed under the meat and poultry category, the boneless chicken was the product that has a drastic change in price from less than RM10 to have an average price of more than RM30 in October 2021.



Vegetables price, on the other hand, has continued to skyrocket since July, amplifying the public distress further.



However, in terms of average price comparison for the vegetable category, it is contradicting with meat and poultry as most of the products remained to be under RM10.

Moreover, essential green products such as leafy vegetables remain to be within the affordable price range for the consumers.