Growing Distress over MCO 3.0

Despite the public’s outcry for the implementation of the Movement Control Order 3.0, dubbed as the total lockdown currently, one of its undeniably effects are that most people would be affected.



Looking at the statistics, the affected portion controls a large portion out of all five options given to the public, highlighting the public’s stability in terms of economy.


Apart from that, it is also highly visible that the Malays are the ones which would feel the greatest impact when MCO is implemented, as it is shown in the statistic below.



Moving further into the statistics also indicates that, most people in Selangor and Johor will be highly affected with the MCO despite Selangor being one of the major economy hubs for the nation.


Adding to that matter, as MCO also meant for the shutting down of economy except for those under essentials category, it is reflected in the statistics as the private sector and self-employed appeared to be the most wounded.



As such, the predicament was earlier said by the Finance Minister, Tengku Zafrul Aziz who predicted that the Bottom 40 (B40) will be the most wounded if the MCO is implemented again.


Nonetheless, with the total lockdown has been implemented and the announcement of Pemerkasa Plus, it is now only up to the public to maintain their SOPs to ensure that the Covid-19 pandemic can be curb.